Welcome, this is Materya: Andrea Stagni and Betty Copeta as a duo.

It all came from an idea by Francis Dunnery who, in 2008,  asked us to start this project under his supervision having heard a song originally composed for him.
In the past we’ve been part of the electro-pop band “Memoria Virtuale” based in Milan, but  we had no material except for a couple of songs we demoed together as a duo, so we spent a lot of time writing the songs for this project. In the meanwhile also the AltaVia’s starting up, writing and recording was taking a lot of time,  so this Materya thing has been idle for a while.

In Spring 2011 all the tunes were demoed, and we were ready to record the songs.
We decided to stop collaborating with Francis, though, because there were a few differences about the direction the work was going to take, but the preproduction sessions with him and Dorie Jackson taught us a lot of things and were incredibly fun.
We  recorded 14 songs in our home studio, a couple of friends helped with drumming: Marcello Bellina from AltaVia and Claudio Trotta from Deus ex Machina have been so kind to help us with their exceptional talents.

A few quiet songs are present too, one of them “Braccialetti di diamanti” is pretty old:  the lyrics are by well known writer and poetress Mitì Vigliero, who wrote them after seeing a photo shoot I (Andrea) took by river Arno, in Tuscany.

This work is very much like us, it speaks about many things: our homes, our feelings, our pets. In “Case nella bassa” you can also hear the breathe of a real ghost living outside the window of our home studio. It was recorded one August’s night while trying to catch the screech of the barn owl living near the house.

Materya’s Case has been released on WhiteKnight record’s label on October 15, 2012.

In the player you can hear a medley of some of the songs of the album, thank you for your visit.

Andrea & Betty